If You Need A Temporary Storage Facility For A Period Of Weeks Or Months, We Offer One Of The Bes …

Whether you need a home storage, garage storage or even a portable storage building, our experienced experts are ready to help. As a highly recognized business with years of experience in the industry, our quality customer service team is available to help you every step of the way. Contact us today and free yourself from any worries. You will be delighted by our quality services and products that will ensure you are able to safely move to a new location in a hassle free manner.

“We were overwhelmed with the high quality of our self-storage units in Portland Maine.When we moved to a United States of America new home, self storage units portland maine we purchased two self storage units. The first was full size with over 500 square feet of space. The second unit was only a few hundred square feet, but it was perfect for our two boys. They now have more space than they have room to carry around in their college books!” – anonymous employee

“I would definitely recommend our business. The staff was very helpful, and the storage units were exactly what we needed. My husband chose to use our storage units in Portland for a move because they were close to his office. Now, he’s free to come and go whenever he wants to, without worrying about whether our stuff is safe.”

Portable storage is a service provided Portland by 207-536-3481 many portable storage units. In a self-storage facility, the client has a portable storage container that they load into their car or truck. The company then takes the loaded containers to the storage facility in Portland, Maine. Most portable storage units can accommodate up to twelve loads.

Portable storage units are ideal for short term storage needs and for helping an organization relocate or reorganize their storage space. Many portable storage companies also offer temporary warehouse space to help businesses store their materials until their space is freed up by other, larger equipment. Portable storage units also work for both home owners and renters. In order to determine if portable storage units in Portland are right for you, simply contact one of their specialists.

Self storage units in Portland Maine are the answer for many people. If you need temporary, safe storage for your items or supplies, consider a self-storage unit in Portland ME. You can get the type of storage space you need, including climate control, fire safety features, 24 hour security and quietness. Contact one of today’s self-storage companies in Portland ME and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having your possessions safe and secure

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